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Do you feel stressed in your job?

Do you want to be able to set borders more easily? 

Do you have got a conflict and don´t know how to deal with it?

Do you want to change something in your life? 

Do you keep falling into similiar patterns?

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What is systemic consulting? 

In systemic consulting,
people are perceived holistically in interaction with their social environment such as family, circle of friends, work etc. The consulting is resource- and solution-focused and is characterised by great appreciation, acceptance, compassion and impartiality. The goal is to support clients to identify and mobilise their own resources and develop their potential. This can be achieved in systemic counsulting using a variety of methods that are selected in consultation with the client.

About me 

My name is Mandy Matz. After a few years in Berlin and several stays abroad, I live in Halle again and am the mother of a son. I am currently in the last year of a three-year DGSF certified training to become a systemic therapist. I have been passionately accompanying and supporting clients through systemic consulting since 2022.

In addition to my consulting work, I work as a teacher and content creator in further education at a hospital in Halle and also teach and advise online in a recognition course for international nursing staff in Berlin.

Personal and, above all, professional paths led me to decide to further my education in systemic consulting/therapy. There were and are lessons on the topic as well as supportive conversations with patients, nursing trainees or employees from helping professions that further strengthened my interest in systemic consulting/therapy. My interests include psychology, meditation, art, music, poetry as well as the topic of diversity in all dimensions as well as dealing with death/dying and grief.

  • systemic therapist in training (DGSF)
  • systemic consultant (DGSF)
  • adult education/ life long learning (M.A.)
  • teacher in medical education (B.A.)
  • nurse in psychiatry
  • experiences in meditation, self-compassion training, transculturality and in accompanying the dying and their relatives
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Consulting Topics

  • upcoming decisions
  • life questions 
  • problems and conflicts in various areas like in partner- and friendship, parenthood or in job matters
  • grief
  • experiences with discrimination
  • how to handle stress
  • the wish to change something
  • recurring patterns 
  • couples counseling
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Consultation Location

Depending on your preference, the consultation can be carried out online or in person.

Online consultation enables advice from any location. Using the Webex program, consultation is possible in a digital, data protection-secure room.

Face-to-face consultation is possible in a room at a co-working space in Halle's city center.




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Free first consulting


In a free initial phone call, your concern will we will be clarified. Here you have the opportunity to describe your concerns and there is space to discuss any open questions. We will then decide whether we want to work together and - if desired - arrange an appointment for an initial consultation session.

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Systemic consulting in Halle (Saale)


After our free initial phone call, we now work directly on the concern you brought with you in systemic consulting. The consultation in person will be in a psychotherapy practice in the Bebelviertel in the city centre of Halle. The duration of the online consultation is 60 minutes.

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Systemic consulting online 


After our free initial phone call, we now work directly on the concern you brought with you in systemic consulting. The duration of the online consultation is 60 minutes.

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Systemic consulting package


The systemic consulting package contains three consulting sessions of 60 minutes.

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Speeches, workshops, further education

As an experienced teacher in health care and lecturer, I´m passioante about giving lectures and workshops. My repertoire includes topics from systemic conseling and therapy, the topic of compassion, collegial case counseling and various nursing topics.

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I offer people who, for personal reasons, cannot pay the full price for consultations to pay a reduced price after individual discussion.

How we work together

I'm glad that a good reason brought you to my website. In German or English, I systematically accompany and advise clients with a wide variety of concerns, carry out compassion meditations and offer further training in peer counseling.

Within a confidential framework, a space of appreciation, acceptance, compassion and neutrality, but also humour, is very important to me in my work as a consultant. The focus of the consultation is on your resources and finding solutions to your concerns. I would be happy to accompany you in this process using a variety of methods, which are always selected in consultation with the client.

I firmly believe that people are essentially good and do their best with the resources they currently have at their disposal. However, because the connection to the good within can sometimes be lost, unskillful thoughts and actions toward oneself and others can result. However, thanks to our inner tendency to always want to develop further and the striving for autonomy, just as children (want to) learn to walk, further development and new beginnings are always possible.

I can help you get (back) in touch with yourself, I can support you in perceiving alternative perspectives and thus creating spaces of possibilities. To perceive these spaces; to consider what it might require to enter them; to reflect how the spaces feel; how it might feel for others - I would be happy to support you with advice. 


  • Systemic consulting and therapy in German and English
  • using a variety of methods such as systemic structural constellations, work with the inner team, picture cards, beliefs, etc.
  • Meta-meditation/ Loving kindness meditation, mindfulness training, progressive muscle relaxation
  • speeches, workshops further education in person and online
  • high level expertise in nursing and healthcare such as medical education


Please contact me via mail, phone or instagram.

Questions? Appointment requests? 


Angaben gemäß § 5 TMG

Mandy Matz
Systemische Beratung
Postfach 20 01 08
06002 Halle

Telefon: +49 176/ 10869612
E-Mail: matz.systemischeberatung(at)

Fotos: Mandy Matz 
Foto von Mandy Matz: Anastasia Schütte

Haftungsausschluss & Datenschutz

Das Angebot, welches ich mache, ist beratend und nicht therapeutisch. Die angebotene systematische Beratung wird nicht von der Krankenkasse übernommen. Außerdem bin ich nicht bereit oder verpflichtet, an Streitbeilegungsverfahren vor einer
Verbraucherschlichtungsstelle teilzunehmen. Infos zum Datenschutz finden Sie hier.

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